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InputTime Overview

The InputTime control extends the ComboBox class to allow easy entry and editing of time values. It allows users to enter times using any format supported by the Globalize class, or to pick times from a drop-down list.

The main properties in the InputTime control are:

  1. value: Gets or sets the currently selected time.

  2. min, max, step: Determine the times shown in the control's drop-down list.

  3. format: Gets or sets the format string used to display and parse time values.

  4. isEditable: Determines whether users should be allowed to enter time values not shown on the drop-down list.


 <input  id="theInputTime">
import * as input from '@mescius/wijmo.input';

function init() {
    // the input time control
    let theInputTime = new input.InputTime('#theInputTime', {
        format: 'h:mm tt',
        min: '9:00',
        max: '17:00',
        step: 30,
        isEditable: true