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Radial Gauges

A radial gauge displays a metric as a percentage of the length of a circular scale, like a pie or donut chart with a single slice.

Radial Gauge

By default, the radial scale displays a 180-degree arc. You can change that by adjusting its start and sweep angles.


import * as gauge from '@mescius/wijmo.gauge';

// create the gauge
var myRadialGauge = new gauge.RadialGauge('#myRadialGauge', {
  	isReadOnly: false,
  	min: 0,
    max: 100,
    startAngle: 0,
    sweepAngle: 180,
    value: 75

If the autoScale property is set to true, the control will automatically scale the gauge to fill the host element taking onto account the startAngle and sweepAngle properties.

Auto Scaling