Wijmo API Module wijmo.vue2.core Wijmo API Module

wijmo.vue2.core Module

Contains Vue 2 and 3 components for the wijmo module.



WjFormat: any

Vue filter that applies globalized formatting to dates and numbers.

For example, the code below uses the wj-format filter to format a number as a currency value and a date as a short date using the current Wijmo culture:

<p>value: {​{ theAmount | wj-format('c') }}</p>
<p>date: {​{ theDate | wj-format('d') }}</p>


WjInclude: any

Vue component that includes a given HTML fragment into the document.

The wj-include component takes a src attribute that specifies a file to load and include into the document. For example:

<wj-popup control="modalDialog" :modal="true" :hide-trigger="None">
  <wj-include src="includes/dialog.htm"></wj-include>


WjTooltip: any

Vue directive for the Tooltip class.

Use the wjTooltip directive to add tooltips to elements on the page. The wjTooltip directive supports HTML content, smart positioning, and touch.

The wjTooltip directive is specified as a v-wjTooltip attribute added to the element that the tooltip applies to. The parameter value is the tooltip text or the id of an element that contains the text.

You can also specify the tooltip with additional properties. In this case the directive value is an object with property values. The possible properties are:

  • tooltip - tooltip text or element id.
  • position - represents the Tooltip.position property.

For example:

<p v-wjTooltip="'Just a string'">
    Paragraph with a string tooltip.
<p v-wjTooltip="{tooltip: '#fineprint', position: 'Left'}>
    Paragraph with a tooltip defined as an element.
<div id="fineprint" style="display:none">
  <h3>Important Note</h3>
    Data for the current quarter is estimated
    by pro-rating etc.</p>