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wijmo.angular2.grid.grouppanel Module

wijmo.angular2.grid.grouppanel Module

Contains Angular 2 components for the wijmo.grid.grouppanel module.

wijmo.angular2.grid.grouppanel is an external TypeScript module that can be imported to your code using its ambient module name. For example:

import * as wjPanel from 'wijmo/wijmo.angular2.grid.grouppanel';
import * as wjGrid from 'wijmo/wijmo.angular2.grid';
    directives: [wjGrid.WjFlexGrid, wjPanel.WjGroupPanel],
    template: `
          [placeholder]="'Drag columns here to create groups.'">
      <wj-flex-grid #flex [itemsSource]="data">
    selector: 'my-cmp',
export class MyCmp {
    data: any[];