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FarPoint.Web.Chart Assembly / FarPoint.Web.Chart Namespace / OpenHighLowCloseSeries Class

In This Topic
    OpenHighLowCloseSeries Class
    In This Topic
    Represents an open-high-low-close series in a Y plot area.
    Object Model
    OpenHighLowCloseSeries ClassStringCollection ClassDoubleCollection ClassLine ClassLineCollection ClassLine ClassDoubleCollection ClassLine ClassFill ClassFill ClassDoubleCollection ClassDoubleCollection ClassLine ClassLineCollection ClassLine Class
    Public Class OpenHighLowCloseSeries 
       Inherits YSeries
    Dim instance As OpenHighLowCloseSeries
    public class OpenHighLowCloseSeries : YSeries 
    Each point contains four values: open, high, low, and close. Attributes for the up and down lines can be assigned for the series or for a point in the series with null (Nothing in VB) indicating unassigned. Bar width is measured relative to the floor grid cell (with values in the range 0 to 1).
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