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In This Topic
    Allowing the User to Perform a Standard Search
    In This Topic

    You can have the component display a search (find) dialog for the end-user to allow them to search the text (unformatted data) of cells in a sheet for a particular string of text, as shown in the following figure.

    Search Dialog

    You can customize many features of the search dialog box by setting its properties. In addition, you can display a default search string in the Find what combo box. And you can set the check boxes for these options:

    For information about the advanced options available on the search dialog, refer to Allowing the User to Perform an Advanced Search.

    Using Code

    Use the SearchWithDialog methods for the FpSpread component to customize the search dialog.


    This example provides a search dialog with several settings preset. In this case, it as an exact-match search on the fourth sheet (Sheet 3) for the phrase "Not Available" and start at the first row and column.

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    fpSpread1.SearchWithDialog(3,"Not Available",true,true,false,false,0,0);
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    FpSpread1.SearchWithDialog(3,"Not Available",True,True,False,False,0,0)
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