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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    DsExcel supports adding sparklines in template layout, which are visible in the Excel report generated after processing the template.

    Follow the steps mentioned below to add a sparkline in template layout and configure its data to template cells:

    You can also download the Excel template layout used in below example.

    1. Insert a sparkline in Excel's template layout by choosing Menu | Insert | Sparklines.
    2. In the "Create Sparklines" dialog box, choose a template cell as:
      • Data Range - Data to be displayed by sparkline
      • Location Range - Location where sparkline will be displayed

    After DsExcel processes the template layout, the Excel report will look like below:

    Excel report output
    Note: In Excel report, the sparkline whose data range and location range are in the same column is displayed as a 'vertical' sparkline, otherwise, as 'horizontal' sparkline.