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    Every organization needs to maintain important documents such as financials, legal contracts and agreements, resources and logistics, recruitments and various others. Such documents contain similar type of static content with dynamic values like dates, costs, names, numbers etc. Creating and modifying these documents every single time consumes a considerable amount of time and effort. Also, the chances of manual error cannot be eliminated altogether. Therefore, the need for Data or Report Templates.

    Note: Please note that 'Report Templates' and 'Data Templates' are two names for the same feature and can be used interchangeably.

    The template layout can be created in Word which can contain static content as well as placeholder fields for dynamic values. When the template is processed by using DsWord API, it is bound to a data source which populates the placeholder fields with actual data and generates the final Word document with advanced layouts. 

    Lets take a simple example where a placeholder field is defined in mustache braces {{ }} in a template layout:

    Hello {{}} <After Template processing> Hello John

    Here, ds is the name of data source and John is the value in 'name' data field.

    Some of the powerful features provided by DsWord Report Templates are as follows:

    The DsWord template layout is a pre-defined and formatted Word document. It is used as an input to create the resultant Word document with required data from data source. In the following sections, you will find DsWord Report Templates being used in diverse use-cases.

    The below examples use short notation for template tags. To know more about short notations, refer Template Tags.