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GrapeCity.Documents.Excel Namespace / ISlicerCache Interface
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    ISlicerCache Interface Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by ISlicerCache.

    Public Properties
     Property Returns whether the slicer filter state is cleared. Boolean. Read-only  
     Property True if the slicer cache is for a slicer on a table. False otherwise. Boolean Read-only  
     Property Returns or sets the name of the slicer cache.  
     PropertyReturns a ISlicerPivotTables collection that contains information about the PivotTables the slicer cache is currently filtering. Read-only  
     PropertyReturns a ISlicerItemscollection that contains the collection of all items in the slicer cache. Read-only  
     PropertyReturns a ISlicers collection that contains the collection of ISlicer objects associated with the specified ISlicerCache. Read-only  
     PropertyReturns or sets the sort order of the items in the slicer. Read/write SlicerSortOrder  
     Property Returns the name of the data source the slicer is connected to. Read-only  
     PropertyReturns a ITable object associated with slicer. Read-only  
    Public Methods
     Method Clears the filter for slicer, depending on the slicer cache type.  
     Method Deletes the specified slicer cache and the slicers associated with it.  
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