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    File Operations
    In This Topic

    DsExcel .NET allows users to export (save) data from a spreadsheet into several different file types (.xlsx, .xlsm, .xltx, .csv, .pdf, .json, and .sjs files) and import data (open) files from several different file types (.xlsx, .xlsm, .xltx, .csv, .json, and .sjs files) into DsExcel .NET. Using code, you can save the whole component, a particular sheet, or data from a particular range of cells to several different file types or streams.

    Refer to the following procedures to handle file operations for a range of file types in DsExcel.NET:

    Note: While exporting a worksheet to PDF, HTML or image file formats, you can set the HorizontalAlignment enumeration to CenterContinuous to center align the text across multiple cells. However, the horizontal alignment should be set before merging the cells. Otherwise, the cells may be drawn incorrectly in exported file formats.