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IDataViewProps Interface

Defines properties of DataViewComponent


  • IDataViewProps


Optional autoFocus

autoFocus: boolean

Auto focus DOM container on mount.

Optional cols

cols: IColumn[]

Specifies an array of column definitions to initialize the grid

Optional config

config: Object

Specifies a JSON object used to deserialize the grid from

Optional containerStyle

containerStyle: Object

Specifies styles of the DOM container


data: Object[] | Object

Specifies an array of objects for the grid model or a dataSource object

Optional groupingOptions

groupingOptions: any

Specifies options of grouping strategy.

Optional id

id: string

Specifies ID of the DOM container

Optional layout

layout: ILayoutEngine

Specifies layout strategy. Default value is instance of GridLayout with default options

Optional options

options: any

Specifies options of layout strategy and other common options like filtering/sorting/grouping.