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IMasonryLayoutOptions Interface

Defines available options of MasonryLayout strategy


  • IMasonryLayoutOptions


Optional allowAsyncRender

allowAsyncRender: boolean

Indicates whether to run asyncRender method in column. Default value is false

Optional columnWidth

columnWidth: number

Specifies the minimum width between items. Default value is 1

Optional defaultGroupingInfo

defaultGroupingInfo: Partial<IGroupDescriptor>

Specifies default data grouping, settings in group descriptor has higher priority

Optional groupStrategy

groupStrategy: IGroupStrategy

Specifies a group strategy object used to define the group layout strategy

Optional gutter

gutter: number

Specifies the gutter between items. Default value is 0

Optional keepOrder

keepOrder: boolean

Specifies whether to keep the order of data. If false, masonry layout engine will try to fix blank nicer. Default value is true

Optional rightToLeft

rightToLeft: boolean

Indicates whether to lay out elements from right to left direction. Default value is false

Optional rowHeight

rowHeight: number

Specifies the minimum height between items. Default value is 0

Optional rowTemplate

rowTemplate: string

Specifies a row template string start with '#'+templateID or a raw html string that represents the structure and layout of a row

Optional showScrollBar

showScrollBar: boolean

Specifies whether to show scroll bar. Default value is true