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    SQL Compliance
    In This Topic

    DataConnector supports different data sources. The data sources have their own dialects but they naturally support SQL. Each data source has its own native query language. It's difficult for end user to master all kinds of query languages. So, using an unified query language on all data sources makes it easier to perform data operations. SQL has been used widely for this purpose.

    To provide the consistent access to the variety of data sources, we implement the data providers based on ADO.NET. It means each data provider will implement own DbConnection, DbReader, DBCommand and so on.

    Currently, we selected the SQLite's SQL grammar as the base because it's full featured, popular and convenient to use. In DataConnector, we mainly use data providers to query and retrieve data and we will use the data providers to execute CRUD.

    Below are the links to supported SQL queries, operators and functions in DataConnector.