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    Import and Export Reference
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    This reference summarizes how Spread for ASP.NET handles Excel-formatted files. When bringing an Excel-formatted file into Spread (importing) and when saving Spread files to an Excel format (exporting), not all of the content and features are preserved. The intention of the import and export capability is to handle as much of the data and formatting of a spreadsheet or set of spreadsheets as possible. For more information read these:

    The information in these topics about Excel-formatted files is based on BIFF8 (Binary Interchange File Format, version 8 from Microsoft) which is the file format for several versions of Microsoft Excel (such as Excel 97, Excel 2000, and Excel XP). You can also save to Excel 2007 (Office Open XML) and most of the information applies to that version as well except where noted.

    Where appropriate, this information is organized using the Spread objects: sheets, columns, rows, and individual cells.

    Throughout this documentation, the shorter name Spread is used to refer to Spread for ASP.NET.