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    Excel-Formatted File Export
    In This Topic

    This topic summarizes how Spread exports the data from a Spread control to an Excel-formatted file. When bringing an Excel-formatted file into Spread (importing) and when saving Spread files to an Excel format (exporting), not all of the content and features are preserved. The intention of the import and export capability is to handle as much of the data and formatting of a spreadsheet or set of spreadsheets as possible. The results of the export operation is summarized in these topics:

    For more information on the options available for saving to Excel, refer to the SaveExcel methods in the FpSpread class, and the ExcelSaveFlags enumeration. The options available with the enumeration include these options for saving the spreadsheet to Excel (see the Assembly Reference for a complete list):

    You can save to Excel 2007 (Office Open XML) if you set the ExcelSaveFlag.UseOOXMLFormat option.