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In This Topic
    ConditionalFormattingIcon Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Represents the predefined icon for conditional formatting.
    Public Enum ConditionalFormattingIcon 
       Inherits System.Enum
    Dim instance As ConditionalFormattingIcon
    public enum ConditionalFormattingIcon : System.Enum 
    BlackCircleSpecifies the black circle icon.
    BlackCircleWithBorderSpecifies the black circle with a border icon.
    CircleWithOneWhiteQuarterSpecifies the circle with one white quarter icon.
    CircleWithThreeWhiteQuartersSpecifies the circle with three white quarters icon.
    CircleWithTwoWhiteQuartersSpecifies the circle with two white quarters icon.
    CustomSpecifies a custom icon.
    FourFilledBoxesSpecifies the four filled boxes icon.
    GoldStarSpecifies the gold star icon.
    GrayCircleSpecifies the gray circle icon.
    GrayDownArrowSpecifies the gray down arrow icon.
    GrayDownInclineArrowSpecifies the gray down incline arrow icon.
    GraySideArrowSpecifies the gray side arrow icon.
    GrayUpArrowSpecifies the gray up arrow icon.
    GrayUpInclineArrowSpecifies the gray up incline arrow icon.
    GreenCheckSpecifies the green check icon.
    GreenCheckSymbolSpecifies the green check symbol icon.
    GreenCircleSpecifies the green circle icon.
    GreenFlagSpecifies the green flag icon.
    GreenTrafficLightSpecifies the green traffic light icon.
    GreenUpArrowSpecifies the green up arrow icon.
    GreenUpTriangleSpecifies the green up triangle icon.
    HalfGoldStarSpecifies the half gold star icon.
    NoneSpecifies no icon.
    OneFilledBoxSpecifies the one filled box icon.
    PinkCircleSpecifies the pink circle icon.
    RedCircleSpecifies the red circle icon.
    RedCircleWithBorderSpecifies the red circle with border icon.
    RedCrossSpecifies the red cross icon.
    RedCrossSymbolSpecifies the red cross symbol icon.
    RedDiamondSpecifies the red diamond icon.
    RedDownArrowSpecifies the red down arrow icon.
    RedDownTriangleSpecifies the red down triangle icon.
    RedFlagSpecifies the red flag icon.
    RedTrafficLightSpecifies the red traffic light icon.
    SignalMeterWithFourFilledBarsSpecifies the signal meter with four filled bars icon.
    SignalMeterWithNoFilledBarsSpecifies the signal meter with no filled bars icon.
    SignalMeterWithOneFilledBarSpecifies the signal meter with one filled bar icon.
    SignalMeterWithThreeFilledBarsSpecifies the signal meter with three filled bars icon.
    SignalMeterWithTwoFilledBarsSpecifies the signal meter with two filled bars icon.
    SilverStarSpecifies the silver star icon.
    ThreeFilledBoxesSpecifies the three filled boxes icon.
    TwoFilledBoxesSpecifies the two filled boxes icon.
    WhiteCircleSpecifies the white circle icon.
    YellowCircleSpecifies the yellow circle icon.
    YellowDashSpecifies the yellow dash icon.
    YellowDownInclineArrowSpecifies the yellow down incline arrow icon.
    YellowExclamationSpecifies the yellow exclamation icon.
    YellowExclamationSymbolSpecifies the yellow exclamation symbol icon.
    YellowFlagSpecifies the yellow flag icon.
    YellowSideArrowSpecifies the yellow side arrow icon.
    YellowTrafficLightSpecifies the yellow traffic light icon.
    YellowTriangleSpecifies the yellow triangle icon.
    YellowUpInclineArrowSpecifies the yellow up incline arrow icon.
    ZeroFilledBoxesSpecifies the zero filled boxes icon.
    This example sets the ConditionalFormattingIcon enumeration.
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