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In This Topic
    ExcelSaveFlags Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies what part of the spreadsheet to export to an Excel-compatible file.
    Public Enum ExcelSaveFlags 
       Inherits System.Enum
    Dim instance As ExcelSaveFlags
    public enum ExcelSaveFlags : System.Enum 
    AutoRowHeight[4096] The default row height is not saved. Excel will automatically determine row heights based on the largest font that is set in each row.
    ComboDataOnly[8192] Saves the displayed data in the combobox celltype, does not save the items in the combo box.
    DataOnly[32] Saves only the data to the Excel-compatible file.
    DocumentCaching[2048] Keeps Excel data that was previously loaded from the files (e.g. VBA, Macro).
    NoFlagsSet[0] Saves the spreadsheet to the Excel-compatible file with no special options.
    NoFormulas[1] Saves the displayed data but not the formulas to the Excel-compatible file.
    NoNotes[1024] Saves the displayed data and formatting, but not the notes.
    SaveAlternatingRowStyles[64] Saves the appearance settings of alternating rows to the Excel-compatible file.
    SaveAsFiltered[8] Saves the results of rows after filtering them to the Excel-compatible file.
    SaveAsViewed[136] Saves the spreadsheet as viewed to the Excel-compatible file.
    SaveBothCustomRowAndColumnHeaders[6] Saves both the custom row headers and the custom column headers to the Excel-compatible file.
    SaveCustomColumnHeaders[4] Saves the custom column headers to the Excel-compatible file.
    SaveCustomRowHeaders[2] Saves the custom row headers to the Excel-compatible file.
    UseCustomPaletteForColorApproximations[256] Uses a custom color palette, and uses it for color approximations if there are more than 56 colors set into Spread.
    UseDefaultColorPalette[512] Uses the default color palette.
    UseOOXMLFormat[16] Saves the spreadsheet to an Excel 2007 (OfficeOpen XML) format.
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