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    Document Solutions for Excel, Java Edition Overview
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    Thank you for choosing Document Solutions for Excel, Java Edition (DsExcel Java, previously GcExcel Java).

    DsExcel Java is a high-performance spreadsheet component that comes packaged with all the necessary features to help users handle complex spreadsheet challenges in an efficient way. This product can be used with Java Web Applications and Java Desktop Applications, as well as can be deployed on cloud platforms.

    Developed for use in Java programming, this component provides developers with a comprehensive API to allow them to quickly create, manipulate, convert, and share Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheets that are accessible from nearly any application, platform or IDE. It targets varied platforms including Enterprise Web Applications, Linux, Unix and Windows; thus serving as the one-stop solution for all your spreadsheet requirements.

    DsExcel Java is outstanding in a way that it possesses the ability to model its interface-based Java API on the document object model of Excel. This not only makes it easier for users to import worksheets, perform calculations on the data, run customized queries and generate custom outputs but also allows them to export complex spreadsheet scenarios and work with cross sheet references as and when desired.

    What DsExcel Java Offers You

    For API reference details, the following documentation is available:

     For a comprehensive list of available features, refer to: