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com.grapecity.documents.excel Package / UsedRangeType Enumeration
In This Topic
    UsedRangeType Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies the type of all supported features.
    AxisSpecifies the axis type.
    ChartSpecifies the chart type.
    CommentSpecifies the comment type.
    ConditionalFormattingSpecifies the conditional formatting type.
    DataSpecifies the data type.
    DataValidationSpecifies the data validation type.
    FilterSpecifies the filter type.
    HyperlinkSpecifies the hyperlink type.
    MergeSpecifies the merge type.
    NoneSpecifies no type.
    PictureSpecifies the picture type.
    PivotTableSpecifies the pivot table type.
    ShapeSpecifies the shape type.
    SlicerSpecifies the slicer type.
    SortSpecifies the sort type.
    SparklineSpecifies the sparkline type.
    StyleSpecifies the style type.
    TableSpecifies the table type.
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