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In This Topic
    Pattern Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies the interior pattern of a chart or interior object.
    AutomaticSpecifies that Spread controls the pattern.
    CheckerSpecifies diagonal crosshatch.
    CrissCrossSpecifies thin diagonal crosshatch.
    DownSpecifies reverse diagonal stripe.
    Gray16Specifies 12.5% gray.
    Gray25Specifies 25% gray.
    Gray50Specifies 50% gray.
    Gray75Specifies 75% gray.
    Gray8Specifies 6.25% gray.
    GridSpecifies thin horizontal crosshatch.
    HorizontalSpecifies horizontal stripe.
    LightDownSpecifies thin reverse diagonal stripe.
    LightHorizontalSpecifies thin horizontal stripe.
    LightUpSpecifies thin diagonal stripe.
    LightVerticalSpecifies thin vertical stripe.
    LinearGradientSpecifies the linear graident type for gradient fill.
    NoneSpecifies no pattern.
    RectangularGradientSpecifies the rectangular gradient type for gradient fill.
    SemiGray75Specifies thick diagonal crosshatch.
    SolidSpecifies a solid color.
    UpSpecifies diagonal stripe.
    VerticalSpecifies vertical stripe.
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