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In This Topic
    IconType Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies the icon for a criterion in an icon set conditional formatting rule.
    BlackCircleSpecifies a black circle.
    BlackCircleWithBorderSpecifies a black circle with a border.
    CircleWithOneWhiteQuarterSpecifies a circle with one white quarter.
    CircleWithThreeWhiteQuartersSpecifies a circle with three white quarters.
    CircleWithTwoWhiteQuartersSpecifies a circle with two white quarters.
    GoldStarSpecifies a gold star.
    GrayCircleSpecifies a gray circle.
    GrayDownArrowSpecifies a gray down arrow.
    GrayDownInclineArrowSpecifies a gray down incline arrow.
    GraySideArrowSpecifies a gray sided arrow.
    GrayUpArrowSpecifies a gray up arrow.
    GrayUpInclineArrowSpecifies a gray up incline arrow.
    GreenCheckSpecifies a green check mark.
    GreenCheckSymbolSpecifies a green check symbol.
    GreenCircleSpecifies a green circle.
    GreenFlagSpecifies green flag.
    GreenTrafficLightSpecifies a green traffic light.
    GreenUpArrowSpecifies a green up arrow.
    GreenUpTriangleSpecifies a green up triangle.
    HalfGoldStarSpecifies half a gold star.
    Icon0BarsSpecifies 0 bars.
    Icon0FilledBoxesSpecifies 0 filled boxes.
    Icon1BarSpecifies 1 bar.
    Icon1FilledBoxSpecifies 1 filled box.
    Icon2BarsSpecifies 2 bars.
    Icon2FilledBoxesSpecifies 2 filled boxes.
    Icon3BarsSpecifies 3 bars.
    Icon3FilledBoxesSpecifies 3 filled boxes.
    Icon4BarsSpecifies 4 bars.
    Icon4FilledBoxesSpecifies 4 filled boxes.
    NoCellIconSpecifies no cell icon.
    PinkCircleSpecifies a pink circle.
    RedCircleSpecifies a red circle.
    RedCircleWithBorderSpecifies a red circle with a border.
    RedCrossSpecifies a red cross.
    RedCrossSymbolSpecifies a red cross symbol.
    RedDiamondSpecifies a red diamond.
    RedDownArrowSpecifies a red down arrow.
    RedDownTriangleSpecifies a red down triangle.
    RedFlagSpecifies a red flag.
    RedTrafficLightSpecifies a red traffic light.
    SilverStarSpecifies a silver star.
    WhiteCircleAllWhiteQuartersSpecifies a white circle with all white quarters.
    YellowCircleSpecifies a yellow circle.
    YellowDashSpecifies a yellow dash.
    YellowDownInclineArrowSpecifies a yellow down incline arrow.
    YellowExclamationSpecifies a yellow exclamation.
    YellowExclamationSymbolSpecifies a yellow exclamation symbol.
    YellowFlagSpecifies a yellow flag.
    YellowSideArrowSpecifies a yellow sided arrow.
    YellowTrafficLightSpecifies a yellow traffic light.
    YellowTriangleSpecifies a yellow triangle.
    YellowUpInclineArrowSpecifies a yellow up incline arrow.
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