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com.grapecity.documents.excel Package / IconSetType Enumeration
In This Topic
    IconSetType Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies the type of icon set.
    CustomSetSpecifies custom icons.
    Icon3ArrowsSpecifies 3 arrows.
    Icon3ArrowsGraySpecifies 3 gray arrows.
    Icon3FlagsSpecifies 3 flags.
    Icon3SignsSpecifies 3 signs.
    Icon3StarsSpecifies 3 stars.
    Icon3SymbolsSpecifies 3 symbols.
    Icon3Symbols2Specifies 3 symbols.
    Icon3TrafficLights1Specifies 3 traffic lights.
    Icon3TrafficLights2Specifies 3 traffic lights.
    Icon3TrianglesSpecifies 3 triangles.
    Icon4ArrowsSpecifies 4 arrows.
    Icon4ArrowsGraySpecifies 4 gray arrows.
    Icon4CRVSpecifies 4 CRV icons.
    Icon4RedToBlackSpecifies 4 red to black icons.
    Icon4TrafficLightsSpecifies 4 traffic lights.
    Icon5ArrowsSpecifies 5 arrows.
    Icon5ArrowsGraySpecifies 5 gray arrows.
    Icon5BoxesSpecifies 5 boxes.
    Icon5CRVSpecifies 5 CRV icons.
    Icon5QuartersSpecifies 5 quarters.
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