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In This Topic
    BorderLineStyle Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies the line style for the border.
    DashDotSpecifies a dash dot border.
    DashDotDotSpecifies a dash dot dot border.
    DashedSpecifies a dashed border.
    DottedSpecifies a dotted border.
    DoubleSpecifies a double line.
    HairSpecifies a hairline border.
    MediumSpecifies a medium border.
    MediumDashDotSpecifies a medium dash dot border.
    MediumDashDotDotSpecifies a medium dash dot dot border.
    MediumDashedSpecifies a medium dashed.
    NoneSpecifies no border.
    SlantDashDotSpecifies a slant dash dot border.
    ThickSpecifies a thick line border.
    ThinSpecifies a thin border.
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