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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    A wall refers to an area or a plane which is present behind, below or beside a chart.

    DsExcel .NET enables users to set up a chart as per their custom preferences by defining the thickness, fill color, line color and format of the back wall as well as the side wall, using the properties of the IWall Interface and the IChart Interface

    Refer to the following example code to configure the walls of the chart inserted in a worksheet.

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    //Config back wall and side wall's format together.
    IShape shape1 = worksheet.Shapes.AddChart(ChartType.Column3D, 200, 50, 300, 300);
    shape1.Chart.SeriesCollection.Add(worksheet.Range["A1:D6"], RowCol.Columns, true, true);
    shape1.Chart.Walls.Thickness = 20;
    shape1.Chart.Walls.Format.Fill.Color.RGB = Color.Red;
    shape1.Chart.Walls.Format.Line.Color.RGB = Color.Blue;
    // Config back wall's format individually.
    IShape shape2 = worksheet.Shapes.AddChart(ChartType.Column3D, 550, 50, 300, 300);
    shape2.Chart.SeriesCollection.Add(worksheet.Range["A1:D6"], RowCol.Columns, true, true);
    shape2.Chart.BackWall.Thickness = 20;
    shape2.Chart.BackWall.Format.Fill.Color.RGB = Color.Red;
    shape2.Chart.BackWall.Format.Line.Color.RGB = Color.Blue;