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In This Topic
    RowSel Property (C1FlexGridBase)
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets the last row in the current selection.
    Public Property RowSel As Integer
    public int RowSel {get; set;}

    Use the RowSel and ColSel properties to modify a selection or to determine which cells are currently selected. Columns and rows are numbered from zero, beginning at the top for rows and at the left for columns.

    Setting the Row and Col properties automatically collapses the selection to a single cell, resetting the RowSel and ColSel properties. Therefore, to specify a block selection, you must Row and Col, then RowSel and ColSel. Alternatively, you may use the Select(CellRange,Boolean) method to select a range with a single statement.

    If the SelectionMode property is set to SelectionModeEnum.ListBox, you should use the RowCol.Selected property on individual row objects to select and deselect rows.

    When a range is selected, the value of Row may be greater than or less than RowSel, and Col may be greater than or less than ColSel. This is inconvenient when you need to set up bounds for loops. In these cases, you can use the Selection property to retrieve a normalized CellRange object, where r1 <= r2 and c1 <= c2.

    See the ColSel property for an example.

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