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    C1FlexGrid Class
    In This Topic

    The C1FlexGrid control is a powerful, full-featured grid.

    C1FlexGrid provides advanced features such as outline trees, cell merging, masked editing, translated combo and image lists, owner-draw cells, and automatic data aggregation.

    Object Model
    C1FlexGrid Class
    Public Class C1FlexGrid 
       Inherits C1FlexGridBase
       Implements IFlexDataGrid, C1.Win.CoditionalFormatting.IFormattableView 
    public class C1FlexGrid : C1FlexGridBase, IFlexDataGrid, C1.Win.CoditionalFormatting.IFormattableView  

    C1FlexGrid can be used in bound mode, where it displays data from .NET data sources, or in unbound mode, where the grid itself manages the data.

    You can use C1FlexGrid to read and write Excel files (.Xls), or read and write grid contents to and from Xml files.

    Classes derived from C1FlexGrid should have a LicenseProvider attribute so Visual Studio will embed the appropriate licensing information into projects that use the derived control.

    For example:

    [LicenseProvider(typeof(LicenseProvider))] public class MyGrid : C1FlexGrid { // implementation }
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