ActiveReports 17 .NET Edition
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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    You can dynamically control the chart appearance by creating a rule or several rules for each plot and specifying the background color, line color, line style, line width, and other elements of the chart visual presentation at rendering.

    A rule consists of a condition - an expression that specifies how to apply a target property, and a target property - a chart element that you can change.

    Add a rule

    1. Select a Chart plot.
    2. In the Properties window, go to the Rules property and click (Collection).
    3. In the RuleDesigner Collection Editor that opens, click Add to add a new rule.
      Chart Rule Designer
    4. In the Condition field, specify a condition expression for a target property.
    5. In the RuleProperties field, click (Collection).    
    6. In the RulePropertyDesigner that opens, click Add to add a target property.
      Chart Rule Property Designer
    7. In the TargetProperty field, select a property from the pre-defined list of properties - e.g. LineColor.
      Chart Rule Property Designer
    8. In the Value field, select a value of the target property.
    9. Click OK.