ActiveReports 17 .NET Edition
GrapeCity.ActiveReports Assembly / GrapeCity.ActiveReports.SectionReportModel Namespace
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    GrapeCity.ActiveReports.SectionReportModel Namespace
    In This Topic
    The GrapeCity.ActiveReports.SectionReportModel namespace includes classes that can be used in section reports.
    ClassARControl is the base class for ActiveReports controls.  You should not need to use this class in your application.
    ClassThe Barcode control is used to print barcode symbology in the report.
    ClassRenders a chart on the report.
    ClassCheckbox is used to print Boolean values as checked or unchecked.
    ClassRepresents a collection of ARControl objects.

    The CrossSectionBox control renders a rectangular outline with its corners where you place them in the header and footer sections, and its vertical lines growing with intervening sections.

    ClassARControl is the base class for ActiveReports CrossSection controls.  You should not need to use this class in your application.
    ClassThe CrossSectionLine control renders a vertical line that begins where you place it in a header section, grows with any intervening sections, and ends where you place it in the related footer section.
    ClassCustomControl is a wrapper class that allows you to print .NET controls that inherit from System.Windows.Forms.Control
    ClassDetail section is the main section in a report.  It is printed once for each record in the data source.
    ClassThe GroupFooter section is directly related to the Detail section and its matching group header.  It prints once each time a group of similar records (as defined in the GroupHeader.DataField property) ends.  A GroupFooter section cannot exist without a matching GroupHeader section.

    The GroupHeader section prints once for every data group defined using the field specified in DataField property.  A GroupHeader section requires a matching GroupFooter section.

    ClassBase input field component
    ClassCheckBox input field component
    ClassText input field component

    Prints static text on the report.

    ClassPrints a line on the report.
    ClassOleObject is a wrapper class for printing OLE objects.
    ClassPageBreak ends the current page and starts a new page at the control's location on the page.
    ClassThe PageFooter section prints once at the bottom of every page in the report.

    The PageHeader section prints once at the top of every page in the report. 

    ClassA Parameter is used to substitute values for parameter placeholders in the report's data source SQL query text.
    ClassRepresents the collection of parameters that ActiveReports parses from the parameter placeholders in the data source SQL query.
    ClassPrints an image on the report.
    ClassThe ReportFooter section prints once at the end of the report.
    ClassThe ReportHeader section is printed once at the beginning of the report.
    ClassThe ReportInfo control displays the information specified in the FormatString property.
    ClassPrints text formatted as Rich Text (RTF) on the report.
    ClassSection is the base class of all ActiveReports section types.
    ClassPrints a rectangular or oval shape on the report.
    ClassRepresents the formatting properties of a control.
    ClassRepresents the collection of Style objects used to format controls.
    ClassPrints a linked report object as part of the current report. Subreports are linked using the Report property.
    ClassPrints a formatted text value, bound or unbound.
    EnumerationSpecifies the style used to draw the background of an object.
    EnumerationSpecifies the barcode caption position relative to the barcode symbol.
    EnumerationSpecifies the print direction of the barcode symbol.

    Type of code, or symbology, the barcode control will use to generate the barcode.

    EnumerationSpecifies the direction of columns in a multi-column report.
    EnumerationSpecifies the type of gradient to draw.
    EnumerationSpecifies whether a group header and footer pair with associated details will print as a single block on the same page.
    EnumerationSpecifies the type of image to be used for a chart.
    EnumerationSpecifies the pen style used to draw a line.
    EnumerationSpecifies whether a new column will be started before or after a section.

    Specifies whether a new page will be started before or after a section.

    EnumerationSpecifies the data type used to create the input control for collection of report parameter values.
    EnumerationSpecifies the results of parsing the report's parameter values.
    EnumerationDetermines the position of the picture within the control area.

    Specifies whether a group header section will be repeated with subsequent detail pages.

    EnumerationDetermines the RichText control's content type.
    EnumerationEnum for RichTextRenderingType.
    EnumerationDetermines the type of stream to load into the RichTextBox.
    EnumerationSpecifies the type of shape that the shape control should print.
    EnumerationDetermines how a picture should be sized within the control area.
    EnumerationDetermines the summary calculation function performed on the  field value.
    EnumerationDetermines whether summary values will be accumulated or reset based on the specified level.
    EnumerationDetermines the type of field summary.
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