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    Creating a Runtime License
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    When applications are built on a properly activated development or build machine, the Mescius license file generates automatically and embeds in your application.

    In some scenarios, you may need to manually generate this file for an application, such as a user control or class library. And every application requires a unique runtime license file (.gclicx).

    To create a runtime license for an application, follow these steps by the command line.

    1. Navigate to “C:\ProgramData\GrapeCity\gclm” directory in the command prompt.
    2. Type the following command:

      gclm.exe 4e51d0df-dea4-48be-920b-a02502bd9882 -lc ./.gclicx app-name

      where “app-name” refers to the application name.

    The .gclicx file is generated in the “gclm” folder. Add the generated .gclicx file in your project and set its BuildAction to EmbeddedResource.