Spread ASP.NET 17
FarPoint.Web.Spread Assembly / FarPoint.Web.Spread Namespace / LayoutTemplate Class / CreateSpanModel Method
Integer number of rows
Integer number of columns

In This Topic
    CreateSpanModel Method (LayoutTemplate)
    In This Topic
    Creates the span model for the layout template.
    Protected Overridable Function CreateSpanModel( _
       ByVal rowCount As Integer, _
       ByVal colCount As Integer _
    ) As ISheetSpanModel
    Dim instance As LayoutTemplate
    Dim rowCount As Integer
    Dim colCount As Integer
    Dim value As ISheetSpanModel
    value = instance.CreateSpanModel(rowCount, colCount)
    protected virtual ISheetSpanModel CreateSpanModel( 
       int rowCount,
       int colCount


    Integer number of rows
    Integer number of columns
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