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    Display #N/A Values
    In This Topic

    DsExcel Java provides support to display #N/A cells as empty cells in charts. The setDisplayNaAsBlank method of IChart interface, when set to true, considers the cells containing #N/A values as empty cells. When setDisplayNaAsBlank is set to true, the display of empty cells, when plotted on a chart depends on the value of setDisplayBlanksAs method. The method accepts values from DisplayBlanksAs enumeration and can have following three values:

    The below screenshot depicts a chart created from data containing #N/A cells which is displayed as zero because value of DisplayBlanksAs is set to 'Zero'.

    Following code demonstrates a line chart showing values plotted with setDisplayNaAsBlank set to true.

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    // Set show blank as zero.
    // Set show #N/A as empty cell.

    When the setDisplayNaAsBlank method is set to false, chart plots the #N/A values depending on the chart type.