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com.grapecity.documents.excel.drawing Package / PresetTexture Enumeration
In This Topic
    PresetTexture Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies texture to be used to fill a shape.
    BlueTissuePaperSpecifies the blue tissue paper texture
    BouquetSpecifies the bouquet texture.
    BrownMarbleSpecifies the brown marble texture.
    CanvasSpecifies the canvas texture.
    CorkSpecifies the cork texture.
    DenimSpecifies the denim texture.
    FishFossilSpecifies the fish fossil texture.
    GraniteSpecifies the granite texture.
    GreenMarbleSpecifies the green marble texture.
    MediumWoodSpecifies the medium wood texture.
    MixedUsed in some special shapes only.
    NewsprintSpecifies the newsprint texture.
    OakSpecifies the oak texture.
    PaperBagSpecifies the paper bag texture.
    PapyrusSpecifies the papyrus texture.
    ParchmentSpecifies the parchment texture.
    PinkTissuePaperSpecifies the pink tissue paper texture.
    PurpleMeshSpecifies the purple mesh texture.
    RecycledPaperSpecifies the recycled paper texture.
    SandSpecifies the sand texture.
    StationerySpecifies the stationery texture.
    WalnutSpecifies the walnut texture.
    WaterDropletsSpecifies the water droplets texture.
    WhiteMarbleSpecifies the white marble texture.
    WovenMatSpecifies the woven mat texture.
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