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com.grapecity.documents.excel.drawing Package / PresetGradientType Enumeration
In This Topic
    PresetGradientType Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies which predefined gradient to use to fill a shape.
    BrassSpecifies the Brass gradient.
    CalmWaterSpecifies the Calm Water gradient.
    ChromeSpecifies the Chrome gradient.
    ChromeIISpecifies the Chrome II gradient.
    DaybreakSpecifies the Daybreak gradient.
    DesertSpecifies the Desert gradient.
    EarlySunsetSpecifies the Early Sunset gradient.
    FireSpecifies the Fire gradient.
    FogSpecifies the Fog gradient.
    GoldSpecifies the Gold gradient.
    GoldIISpecifies the Gold II gradient.
    HorizonSpecifies the Horizon gradient.
    LateSunsetSpecifies the Late Sunset gradient.
    MahoganySpecifies the Mahogany gradient.
    MossSpecifies the Moss gradient.
    NightfallSpecifies the Nightfall gradient.
    OceanSpecifies the Ocean gradient.
    ParchmentSpecifies the Parchment gradient.
    PeacockSpecifies the Peacock gradient.
    RainbowSpecifies the Rainbow gradient.
    RainbowIISpecifies the Rainbow II gradient.
    SapphireSpecifies the Sapphire gradient.
    SilverSpecifies the Silver gradient.
    WheatSpecifies the Wheat gradient.
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