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In This Topic
    ChartType Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies the chart type.
    AreaSpecifies the area type.
    Area3DSpecifies the 3D area type.
    AreaStackedSpecifies the stacked area type.
    AreaStacked100Specifies the 100% stacked area type.
    AreaStacked1003DSpecifies the 100% stacked area type.
    AreaStacked3DSpecifies the 3D stacked area type.
    BarClusteredSpecifies the clustered bar type.
    BarClustered3DSpecifies the 3D clustered bar type.
    BarOfPieSpecifies bar of pie type.
    BarStackedSpecifies the stacked bar type.
    BarStacked100Specifies the 100% stacked bar type.
    BarStacked1003DSpecifies the 3D 100% stacked bar type.
    BarStacked3DSpecifies the 3D stacked bar.
    BoxWhiskerSpecifies the box and whisker type.
    BubbleSpecifies the bubble type.
    Bubble3DEffectSpecifies the bubble with 3D effects type.
    Column3DSpecifies the 3D column type.
    ColumnClusteredSpecifies the clustered column type.
    ColumnClustered3DSpecifies the 3D clustered column.
    ColumnStackedSpecifies the stacked column.
    ColumnStacked100Specifies the 100% stacked column.
    ColumnStacked1003DSpecifies the 3D 100% stacked column type.
    ColumnStacked3DSpecifies the 3D stacked column.
    ComboSpecifies the combo type.
    DoughnutSpecifies the doughnut type.
    DoughnutExplodedSpecifies the exploded doughnut type.
    FunnelSpecifies the funnel type.
    HistogramSpecifies the histogram type.
    LineSpecifies the line type.
    Line3DSpecifies the 3D line type.
    LineMarkersSpecifies a line type with markers.
    LineMarkersStackedSpecifies a stacked line type with markers.
    LineMarkersStacked100Specifies 100% stacked line type with markers.
    LineStackedSpecifies the stacked line type.
    LineStacked100Specifies the 100% stacked line type.
    ParetoSpecifies the pareto type.
    PieSpecifies the pie type.
    Pie3DSpecifies the 3D pie type.
    PieExplodedSpecifies the exploded pie type.
    PieExploded3DSpecifies the exploded 3D pie type.
    PieOfPieSpecifies pie of pie type.
    RadarSpecifies the radar type.
    RadarFilledSpecifies the filled radar type.
    RadarMarkersSpecifies the radar with data markers type.
    StockHLCSpecifies the high-low-close type.
    StockOHLCSpecifies open-high-low-close type.
    StockVHLCSpecifies the volume-high-low-close type.
    StockVOHLCSpecifies the volume-open-high-low-close type.
    SunburstSpecifies the sunburst type.
    SurfaceSpecifies the 3D surface type.
    SurfaceTopViewSpecifies the surface (top view) type.
    SurfaceTopViewWireframeSpecifies the surface (top view wireframe) type.
    SurfaceWireframeSpecifies the 3D surface (wireframe) type.
    TreemapSpecifies the treemap type.
    WaterfallSpecifies the waterfall type.
    XYScatterSpecifies the scatter type.
    XYScatterLinesSpecifies the scatter with lines type.
    XYScatterLinesNoMarkersSpecifies the scatter with lines and no data markers type.
    XYScatterSmoothSpecifies the scatter with smoothed lines type.
    XYScatterSmoothNoMarkersSpecifies the scatter with smoothed lines and no data markers type.
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