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In This Topic
    PicturePreset Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies picture shape presets.
    Public Enum PicturePreset 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum PicturePreset : System.Enum 
    BeveledMatteWhite Picture with beveled matte white border.
    BeveledOvalBlack Picture with beveled black oval border.
    BevelRectangle Picture with beveled and rounded corners.
    CenterShadowRectangle Picture with no border and centered rectangular shadow.
    CompoundFrameBlack Picture with compound black border.
    DoubleFrameBlack Picture with double contoured border, black.
    DropShadowRectangle Picture without border and with shadow.
    MetalFrame Picture with metal-colored border.
    MetalOval Picture with metal-colored oval border.
    MetalRoundedRectangle Picture with metal-colored rounded border.
    ModerateFrameBlack Picture with moderate width black border.
    ModerateFrameWhite Picture with moderate width white border.
    ReflectedRoundedRectangle Picture with rounded corners and bottom-side reflection.
    RoundedDiagonalCornerWhite Picture with diagonally rounded white border.
    SimpleFrameBlack Picture with thin black frame.
    SimpleFrameWhite Picture with simple white frame.
    SnipDiagonalCornerWhite Picture with opposite diagonaled rounded white border.
    SoftEdgeOval Picture with blurred oval white border.
    SoftEdgeRectangle Picture with blurred border.
    ThickMatteBlack Picture with thick black border.
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