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    GrapeCity.Documents.Pdf.Layers Namespace
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    ClassRepresents the Optional Content Configuration PDF dictionary. Contains information that allows specifying different presentations of a document's optional content groups for use by PDF processors.
    ClassRepresents an Optional Content Group in a PDF document.
    ClassThe common class for OptionalContentGroup and OptionalContentMembership.
    ClassRepresents the Optional Content Membership in a PDF document.
    ClassRepresents the Optional Content Properties PDF dictionary that can be specified in the document catalog.
    ClassRepresents the Optional Content Usage dictionary of a PDF.
    ClassDefines the application-specific data associated with this optional content group.
    ClassDefines the options used when the document (or part of it) is saved by a PDF processor to a format that does not support optional content.
    ClassDefines the options specifying that the content to be used when printing.
    ClassDefines the options used to initialize a layer state when the document is first opened by a PDF processor.
    ClassDefines the options specifying a range of magnifications at which the content in an optional content group is visible.
    ClassRepresents the rules by which usage entries shall be used by interactive PDF processors, and should be used by non-interactive PDF processors, to automatically manipulate the state of optional content groups, which groups shall be affected, and under which circumstances.
    ClassRepresents the view state of a PDF document.

    The presentation of a PDF document may depend on the context that is determined by the current environment and is not persisted in the PDF itself. This includes:

    • The transient state of optional content (e.g. the user may have turned a layer's visibility on or off).
    • The current operation (e.g. view or print).
    This class is used to specify the target context for operations that work with document content, so that only the relevant content is processed.

    Note that an instance of this class is not automatically updated if the document content (e.g. layers) changes. Use the Reset method to reset the view state to its initial state.
    EnumerationDefines the possible states of content associated with a layer.
    EnumerationDefines the export state of a layer.
    EnumerationDefines initial view state of a layer.
    EnumerationDefines the print state of a layer.
    EnumerationDefines the state of all optional content groups in the document when the OptionalContentConfiguration is applied.
    EnumerationDefines the possible values of OptionalContentConfiguration.ListMode
    EnumerationDefines the possible values of OptionalContentMembership.VisibilityPolicy.
    EnumerationDefines the possible document view modes.
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