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GrapeCity.Documents.Pdf Assembly / GrapeCity.Documents.Pdf.Actions Namespace
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    GrapeCity.Documents.Pdf.Actions Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassBase class for PDF actions which can be performed when user clicks links, document outlines etc.
    ClassBase class for ActionSubmitForm and ActionResetForm, which operates over set of specified fields.
    ClassDefines a go-to action changes the view to a specified destination (page, location, and magnification factor), defined by the GrapeCity.Documents.Pdf.DestinationBase object.
    ClassDefines a remote go-to action is similar to an ordinary go-to action ActionGoTo but jumps to a destination in another PDF file instead of the current file.
    ClassRepresents a hide action, hides or shows one or more GrapeCity.Documents.Pdf.Annotations.WidgetAnnotations on screen by setting or clearing their Hidden flag.
    ClassDefines an action imports Forms Data Format (FDF) data into the document’s interactive form from a specified file.
    ClassDefines an action causes a script to be compiled and executed by the JavaScript interpreter.
    ClassDefines a launch action launches an application or opens or prints a document.
    ClassDefines windows-specific launch parameters.
    ClassDefines an action performs some viewer application action: Go to next / previous page, etc.
    ClassDefines an action resets selected interactive form fields to their default values; If no default value is defined for a field, its value is cleared. For fields that can have no value (such as GrapeCity.Documents.Pdf.AcroForms.PushButtonField), the action has no effect.
    ClassDefines an action that transmits the names and values of selected interactive form fields to a specified uniform resource locator (URL), presumably the address of a Web server that will process them and send back a response.
    ClassDefines an unknown action.
    ClassDefines an URI action causes navigation to specified URI.
    EnumerationDefines possible operations for windows platform.
    EnumerationDefines possible values of ActionSubmitForm.FDFFormat property.
    EnumerationDefines possible values of ActionSubmitForm.HtmlFormFormat property.
    EnumerationDefines possible values of ActionSubmitForm.PDFFormat property.
    EnumerationDefines possible values of ActionSubmitForm.SubmitFormat property.
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