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GrapeCity.Documents.Excel Namespace / ThemeColor Enumeration
In This Topic
    ThemeColor Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies the theme color. This is the displayed order.
    public enum ThemeColor : System.Enum 
    Accent1 Specifies the accent1 theme color.
    Accent2 Specifies the accent2 theme color.
    Accent3 Specifies the accent3 theme color.
    Accent4 Specifies the accent4 theme color.
    Accent5 Specifies the accent5 theme color.
    Accent6 Specifies the accent6 theme color.
    Dark1 Specifies the Dark 1 theme color.
    Dark2 Specifies the Dark 2 theme color.
    FollowedHyperlink Specifies the followed hyperlink theme color.
    Hyperlink Specifies the hyperlink theme color.
    Light1 Specifies the Light 1 theme color.
    Light2 Specifies the Light 2 theme color.
    None Specifies to not use any theme color.
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