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GrapeCity.Documents.Excel Namespace / IMEModeType Enumeration
In This Topic
    IMEModeType Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies the description of the Japanese input rules.
    public enum IMEModeType : System.Enum 
    Disabled Specifies the mode is disabled.
    FullAlpha Specifies full-width alphanumeric.
    FullHangul Specifies full-width Hangul.
    FullKatakana Specifies the mode is Katakana.
    HalfAlpha Specifies half-width alphanumeric.
    HalfHangul Specifies Hangul.
    HalfKatakana Specifies the mode is half-width Katakana.
    Hiragana Specifies the mode is Hiragana.
    NoControl Specifie no control.
    Off Specifies the mode is off (English mode).
    On Specifies the mode is on.
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