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GrapeCity.Documents.Excel Namespace / IComment Interface
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In This Topic
    IComment Interface Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by IComment.

    Public Properties
     Property Gets the anchor cell of the comment.  
     Property Gets the author of the comment.  
     PropertyReturns the GrapeCity.Documents.Excel.Drawing.IShape object that represents the shape attached to the specified comment.  
     Property Gets or sets the comment text.  
     Property Determines whether the object is visible.  
    Public Methods
     Method Deletes the object.  
     Method Generates the comment from the JSON string.  
     MethodReturns the IComment object that represents the next comment.  
     MethodReturns the IComment object that represents the previous comment.  
     Method Generates a JSON string from the comment.  
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