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GrapeCity.Documents.Excel.Drawing Namespace / ITextRange Interface
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    ITextRange Interface Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by ITextRange.

    Public Properties
     Property Returns the number of objects in the collection (read-only).  
     PropertyReturns the IFontFormat object that represents character formatting for the IFontFormat object (read-only).  
     Property Returns the index in the collection (read-only).  
     PropertyGets the ITextRange with the specified index.  
     PropertyGet the paragraphs of ITextRange  
     PropertyGet the runs of ITextRange  
     Property Gets or sets a String value that represents the text in a text range (read/write).  
     Property Gets or sets the horizontal alignment of the text.  
     PropertyReturns the type of ITextRange, such as TextRangeType.Body, TextRangeType.Paragrapsh, or TextRangeType.Run.  
    Public Methods
     Method Adds text to the specified collection.  
     Method Deletes from parent.  
     Method (Inherited from System.Collections.IEnumerable)
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