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    C1InputEventArgs Class Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by C1InputEventArgs.

    Public Properties
    Public PropertyGets or sets a value that marks the routed event as handled. Setting to true prevents most handlers along the event route from handling the same event again.  
    Public PropertyGets whether ctrl key is pressed.  
    Public PropertyGets whether shift key is pressed.  
    Public PropertyGets the arguments of the original event which raised this event.  
    Public PropertyGets the type of pointer which performed the action.  
    Public Methods
    Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)Gets a value indicating whether the specified event is handled.  
    Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)Gets the type of the pointer.  
    Public MethodOverloaded. Gets the position of the pointer performing the drag gesture relatively to the specified element.  
    Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)Sets whether the event is handled.  
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