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    C1.Xamarin.Forms.Chart Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassRender symbol event arguments.
    ClassBase render event arguments.
    ClassSunburst chart control.
    ClassThe TreeMap control.
    ClassRepresents an axis in the chart.
    ClassBase class for FlexChart and FlexPie controls.
    ClassRepresents chart data label.
    ClassContains information about a part of a FlexChart control at a specified coordinate.
    ClassRepresents chart options.
    ClassThe plot element for FlexChart.
    ClassRepresents data series.
    ClassRepresents visual style of chart element.
    ClassRepresents chart tooltip.
    ClassBase class for chart data labels.
    ClassRepresents element size.
    ClassFlexChart control.
    ClassThe FlexPie control.
    ClassRepresents a histogram.
    ClassRepresents pie chart data label.
    ClassRender event arguments.
    ClassRender node event arguments.
    ClassProvides arguments for series-related event.
    ClassRender symbol event arguments.
    InterfaceDefines chart layer interface.
    InterfaceInterface of Histogram series
    InterfaceInterface of RangedHistogram series
    EnumerationAnimation mode enum.
    EnumerationCurrent animation process type enum.
    EnumerationSpecifies axis label position.
    EnumerationSpecifies axis scroll position.
    EnumerationSpecifies axis type.
    EnumerationSpecifies chart element that may be found by the HitTest method.
    EnumerationSpecifies how to handle overlapped labels.
    EnumerationSpecifies label overlapping options.
    EnumerationSpecifies chart data label position.
    EnumerationSpecifies the type of marker to use for the ChartMarkerType property. Applies to Scatter, LineSymbols, and SplineSymbols chart types.
    EnumerationSpecifies how to handle overlapping labels.
    EnumerationSpecifies the position of chart element on the chart.
    EnumerationAvailable selection modes.
    EnumerationSpecifies whether and where the ChartSeries is visible.
    EnumerationSpecifies whether and how to stack the chart's data values.
    EnumerationSpecifies whether and where the axis tick marks appear.
    EnumerationSpecifies the chart type.
    EnumerationSpecifies content options.
    EnumerationSpecifies chart data type
    EnumerationSpecifies the size type for ElementSize object.
    EnumerationSpecifies fit type for trend line.
    EnumerationSpecifies the binning mode to define the bins of a Histogram.
    EnumerationSpecifies measuring direction.
    EnumerationSpecifies the type of MovingAverage ChartSeries.
    EnumerationSpecifies the orientation of chart element.
    EnumerationSpecifies chart palette.
    EnumerationSpecifies how to handle pie data labels that are outside the corresponding pie segment.
    EnumerationSpecifies the position of data labels on the pie chart.
    EnumerationSpecifies the chart type for FlexRadar control.
    EnumerationEnumerates available render modes.
    EnumerationSpecifies the treemap type.
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