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C1.WPF.FlexGridFilter.4.6.2 Assembly / C1.WPF.FlexGrid Namespace / C1FlexGridFilterRow Class

In This Topic
    C1FlexGridFilterRow Class
    In This Topic
    Implements an special filter row that can be added to existing C1FlexGrid controls.
    Object Model
    C1FlexGridFilterRow Class
    Public Class C1FlexGridFilterRow 
       Inherits System.Windows.DependencyObject
    public class C1FlexGridFilterRow : System.Windows.DependencyObject 
    To enable filtering on a C1FlexGrid control, create an instance of a C1FlexGridFilter and pass the grid as a parameter to the constructor. For example: // enable filtering on the _flex control var ff = new C1FlexGridFilterRow(_flex);
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