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    C1.Win.SuperTooltip Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassRepresents a label that shows static information on a form.
    ClassProvides data for the C1SuperLabelBase.LinkClicked event.
    ClassRepresents a pop-up window that displays a brief description of a control's purpose when the mouse hovers over the control.
    ClassCollection of images to be displayed in C1SuperLabelBase or C1SuperTooltipBase components.
    ClassEntry in a ImageCollection.
    ClassSystem.ComponentModel.TypeConverter used to persist ImageEntry objects.
    ClassProvides data for the C1SuperTooltipBase.Popup event.
    InterfaceDefines the interface for properties and methods to C1SuperErrorProvider component.
    InterfaceThe interface implemented by the control extended by a super tooltip.
    DelegateRepresents the method that will handle the C1SuperLabelBase.LinkClicked event.
    DelegateRepresents the method that handles the C1SuperTooltipBase.Popup event.
    EnumerationSpecifies a background gradient for the ToolTip.
    EnumerationSpecifies the layout logic used to display the background image.
    EnumerationSpecifies under what conditions the tooltip will remain visible if the mouse pointer leaves the control.
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