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    StyledPropertyCollection Class Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by StyledPropertyCollection.

    Public Properties
    Public PropertyGets a value indicating whether the object has been disposed.  
    Public PropertyGets or sets the style name.  
    Protected Properties
    Protected PropertyGets collection owner.  
    Protected PropertyGets the parent collection. If some properties are reset or not initialized, the collection will search for them from the parent.  
    Protected PropertyGets top owner of the collection.  
    Public Methods
    Public MethodOverloaded. Releases all unmanaged resources.  
    Public MethodGets value of the specified styled property.  
    Public MethodTries to get value of the specified styled property.  
    Protected Methods
    Protected MethodStart editing the collection.  
    Protected MethodStop editing the collection.  
    Protected MethodGets a value indicating whether the collection contains a property with the specified name.  
    Protected MethodGets a value indicating whether the a specified property is initialized.  
    Protected MethodCalled when trying to get an initialized property value.  
    Protected MethodCalled when collection owner is changed.  
    Protected MethodRaises the PropertyChanged event.  
    Protected MethodCompletely resets specified property (make it uninitialized, initialization required after that).  
    Protected Method  
    Public Events
    Public EventFires when any properties change.  
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