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    Sizer for WinForms Overview
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    Create resolution-independent, resizable applications using Sizer for WinForms, which provides two powerful components, Sizer and SizerLight. Sizer is a container control that extends some basic layout capabilities (Dock and Anchor properties) provided by .NET and .NET Framework. It lets you resize all contained controls proportionally so that your application retains its appearance at any resolution. Sizer has a powerful grid layout manager which allows you to define a grid made up of bands where controls can be positioned. When you resize the Sizer control, these bands are automatically recalculated, and the contained controls move automatically to their new positions. Likewise, SizerLight, a non-visual component, also provides similar resizing capabilities along with font resizing. It keeps track of the form's size and position, once added to the form.

    Product Samples
    Product samples are located at \Documents\ComponentOne Samples\WinForms\vx.x.x\Sizer\CS\ on your system if you have installed the samples while installing WinForms Edition using ComponentOneControlPanel.exe.
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    Create Your First Application using Sizer
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    Sizer Control for WinForms
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    ComponentOne product videos Download WinForms Product Demo

    API References
    C1.Win.C1Sizer .NET Framework Assembly C1.Win.Sizer .NET Assembly