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    Item Property (C1FlexGridBase)
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets the data in a grid cell.
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    Gets or sets the data in a grid cell.  
    Gets or sets the data in a grid cell.  

    This is one of the indexers you can use to get or set the data stored in grid cells.

    You can index cells using the row and column indices or using the row index and column name.

    Using integer indices is more efficient, because the grid doesn't have to look up the column. Using column names is more flexible, because references remain valid even if the user moves columns to a new position.

    When assigning a value to a cell, the grid tries to convert it into the type specified for the column (see the RowCol.DataType property). If the grid can't convert the value, it fires the GridError event and the cell retains its original value.

    The example below creates a column and assigns it a name, then sets the value of a cell using the column index and retrieves the value using the column name:
    // create a column, assign it a name and get the new index
    Column myCol = flex.Cols.Add();
    myCol.Name = "address";
    myCol.DataType = typeof(string);
    int colIndex = myCol.Index;
    // assign a value to a cell using cell coordinates:
    flex[1, colIndex] = "555, Broadway";
    // get the value using the column name
    string address = (string)flex[1, "address"];
    MessageBox.Show("The address is " + address);
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