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C1.Web.Api.Pdf Namespace / PdfController Class / ExportPdf_Post Method
The full path of the pdf.
The export options.
The optional exported file name.

In This Topic
    ExportPdf_Post Method
    In This Topic
    Exports the specified pdf to the specified export filter with options.
    Public Overridable Function ExportPdf_Post( _
       ByVal pdfPath As String, _
       ByVal exportOptions As IDictionary(Of String,String), _
       Optional ByVal exportFileName As String _
    ) As IActionResult
    public virtual IActionResult ExportPdf_Post( 
       string pdfPath,
       IDictionary<string,string> exportOptions,
       string exportFileName


    The full path of the pdf.
    The export options.
    The optional exported file name.

    Return Value

    An Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.IActionResult type object with content of exported file stream.
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