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C1.DataEngine Assembly / C1.DataEngine Namespace / Workspace Class / table Method
The name of the base table

In This Topic
    table Method
    In This Topic
    Gets a base table by its name.
    Public Function table( _
       ByVal name As String _
    ) As ExpandoObject
    public ExpandoObject table( 
       string name


    The name of the base table

    Return Value

    Dynamic object representing the base table.
    The dynamic object is used in queries over this table, for example, dynamic od = workspace.table("OderDetails"); dynamic query1 = workspace.query(new { price = Op.Mul(od.UnitPrice, od.Discount) }); Also, it has a Table property that returns the BaseTable object representing this base table: BaseTable t = workspace.table("t1").Table;
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